About Us

CSP History

Born in 2004 from a need to control claims outcomes and skyrocketing premiums, Charitable Service Providers Group Captive (CSP) was created by a group of non-profit, faith-based senior care facilities in Arizona and Colorado.

Since that time, CSP has grown into much more than just an insurance company…it’s now a collaborative platform for sharing operational concepts, risk management/loss control strategies, and strategic thinking to enhance the operations of its members. 


CSP is not for the “one-year shopper” or bargain-based insurance purchaser.  It’s designed to be a long-term solution to leveling out the peaks and valleys of the commercial insurance market; to provide a platform of shared concern when a claim occurs; and to enhance the value of the premiums you pay by providing cutting edge risk management strategies that make you a better provider of care. 

We hope you will take a serious look at what CSP can provide in taking back the control of your insurance destiny. Please take a moment to review our Financial Position.